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I would like to speak with you about your next project and I would be happy to estimate it for you.

Call me with your details @ (781) 444-7704, or email me at:

My photography project fees and expenses are based on the scope & complexity of the assignment and your intended use.
In order to create your estimate I'll need the following information:

Assignment description (project name and location)
Scope of project (description and number of final views requested)
Level of photography needed: Portfolio, Editorial, General Marketing, Consumer Advertising etc.
Your intended use: (my typical license is to one client for their specific use only).
Multiple party use licenses are possible*
Photography date/Delivery date
Final product-deliverables such as digital files** 

Client may choose their preferred method of delivery via digital download link or FTP upload to client (no MA Sales Tax on entire assignment), or disc shipped by USPS, other shipping options are available, expenses vary. Note: any delivery of tangible property would incur MA Sales tax on the entire assignment. I do not charge tax on out of state sales and deliveries if the company has no MA business office. I accept signed MA Resale forms and 501c forms if appropriate for the type of client or project assigned.

Plus any other details unique to your assignment

* My standard license is for non-exclusive use of my photographs by the commissioning party only, no 3rd party use. That said, I can work with multiple parties prior to the photography day for license and use of the images from a single assignment. I will handle the licensing, delivery and invoicing to all participating parties. There will be a cost savings to each party of the production expenses compared to the cost of individual assignments, each party pays their own license fee. It works best when the sharing parties are interested in the same views and have similar uses. As that is not always the situation, other options are available.

** I will prepare the digital "Master files" to your requested specifications or my Master File standard: 8"x12" @ 300ppi  if you do not have a preference.

Please contact me with any questions you may have,
Thank you, Andy

I accept payment by check, credit card and PayPal.